Tibb e unani Philosophy

Tibb e unani Philosophy

The foundation of the Unani system of medicine is based on Hippocrates’ theory of the four humours in the human body, a concept which forms the basis of Ayurveda as well. Expounding on the idea put forth by the Greek philosopher Empedocles (d. 430 BC) of the four elementary roots of all matter (earth, water, air and fire) Hippocrates propagated the theory that the human body was also a composition of 4 elements which he categorized as blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. He believed that each individual had a distinct composition of these humours which determined their particular body temperament. It was the equilibrium of these humours or elements which resulted in health and any kind of imbalance in their original composition resulted in illness.

طب یونانی کے نظریہ کے مطابق انسانی جسم چار چیزوں سے بنا ہے

ہوا ،پانی،آگ،مٹی

ہوا پانی مٹی اور آگ کی چار مختلف کیفیت ہیں

خون ۔بلغم،صفراء،سودادی

انسانی جسم میں کسی بھی کیفیت کی زیادتی ہو تو اس کے الٹ اس کیفت کو کیا جاتا ہے بس ہی یونانی طریقہ علاج ہے ۔

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